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About Arbor Aesthetics

Arbor Aesthetics, Omaha Tree Service, is the vision of Jeffrey Grewe. He is driven by passion, dedication, hard work and skill. Jeffrey is the meticulous hand and artistic eye of each project. Like the trees, Arbor Aesthetics is flourishing under the careful guidance of Jeffrey.


We foster relationships between people and nature, cultivating an eye for and love of trees.


Watching us work is an experience. We are skilled climbers, pruning specialists and athletes.

Proper pruning of a mature tree requires delicate cuts. Cuts are wounds. All wounds take time to heal and are vulnerable to infection. It is imperative that each cut is made with precision and accuracy, that is why we climb.

We are a spectacle. Come watch us work.


(402) 408-5600

1012 North 129th Circle
Omaha, Nebraska 68154

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Arbor Aesthetics is a tree trimming service based in Omaha, Nebraska. We trim and remove trees.

We are spectacle.
Come watch us work.

(402) 408-5600